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District Staff

Bowens, Lynn Director of Special Services
Dampf, Michelle Speech Pathologist
Dinges, Ashley Speech Pathologist
Eggen, Diane District Librarian
Felten, Corey District Staff
Gampher, Julia Middle School Principal
Harrison, Julia District Health Services, R.N.
Huckabay, James Network Administrator
Jones, Dr. James Superintendent of Schools
Kay, Stephanie District Health Aide
Kempker, Lori District Data Collection & Reporting
Kerperin, Shauna Parents as Teachers Coordinator
Lang, Jenni District Administrative Assistant
Lemongelli, Deputy Ralph District School Resource Officer
Lopez, Lori Parents as Teachers Educator
Prenger, Randy Director of Buildings and Grounds
Reichel, Kelly District Health Services
Reinkemeyer, Tony Director of Food Services
Reinsch, Sheila Director of Business Operations
Rodriguez, Kimberley Elementary School Principal
Verslues, Gary High School Principal
Verslues, Janet District Administrative Assistant