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Professional Development

PDC Members

Janelle Weider, Chair
Kim Pragman, Vice-Chair
Emily Libbert, Secretary
Jacki Downing, Fiscal Officer
Tracey Burns, Mentor Chair

Building Representatives
Jessica Gordon - MS
Jason Wise - MS

Gwen Braun - HS
Renee Maples - HS

Jilli Roberts - HS

Tara Bishop - EL

Kim Walters - MS
Dr. Melinda Aholt - HS

Staff Resources

Please READ instructions below before filling out a form:

"These forms are "view only". In order to complete a form, please "make a copy". You can then fill out the form as needed and submit to the necessary party. Making a copy will automatically save the form to your Google drive for you to be able to refer back to."


Application for PD Funds

Teacher Professional Record Form

PDC Handbook

Mentor/Mentee Handbook

Purchase Requisition

Reimbursement Form