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Professional Development

PDC Members

Kimberly Pragman, Chair
Kristin Buschjost, Vice-Chair
Emily Libbert, Secretary
Jacki Downing, Fiscal Officer
Tracey Burns, Mentor Chair

Building Representatives
Jacki Downing, BES
Julie Hausman, BES
Kimberly Pragman, BIS
Emily Libbert, BIS
Jessica Gordon, BMS
Jessica Christian, BMS
Joy Northweather, BHS
Kristin Buschjost, BHS

Tara Bishop - BES
Dr. Kimberley Walters - BIS
Dr. Melinda Aholt - BMS
Chris Marshall, BHS

Staff Resources

Please READ instructions below before filling out a form:

"These forms are "view only". In order to complete a form, please "make a copy". You can then fill out the form as needed and submit to the necessary party. Making a copy will automatically save the form to your Google drive for you to be able to refer back to."


Application for PD Funds

Teacher Professional Record Form

PDC Handbook

Mentor/Mentee Handbook

Purchase Requisition

Reimbursement Form